Online Virtual Technical Lab
for VET classes

Your web-based application that can be used for training users on engineering topics by demonstrating and explaining relevant 3D objects in a 3D environment.

What is the Virtual Technical Lab

The Virtual Technical Lab of the OLEE is a virtual laboratory that replicates the environment of a physical lab, providing learners with an immersive, interactive learning experience. This will allow learners in the engineering sector to conduct laboratory work and complete their vocational studies remotely. 


Available experiments

There are three available experiments: the measurements with the vernier caliper, the operation of a Silicon-Controlled Rectifier (SCR) using an ohmmeter and the interactive learning of HVAC sensors.


What to expect

The Virtual Technical Lab offers an online learning space where learners can conduct a wide range of experiments that is part of their learning VET curriculum. In addition, learners can access the educational resources, they can test their understanding through self-evaluation modules and thus improve their achievements.


How to...

Learners in order to access the experiments shall create a profile where they can view and update personal information and review the status of experiments. Trainers shall also login so as to be able to edit the details of the experiments!


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